About Us

Established in 2020

TalGuy Group, founded by Civil Engineer Tal Avigdori and Industrial Engineer Guy Rodoy, operates at the dynamic intersection of the construction, electrical products, agriculture, and innovative product development industries. 

Our vision revolves around precision, innovation, and creating a legacy of excellence in each of the various activities. TalGuy Group advocates a commitment to quality and the development of processes and products that will continue to allow our customers to enjoy cooperating with us.

From the starting point of the company where project management services, supervision, and marketing of products developed by us were offered, the group has systematically expanded its activities over the years with a multidisciplinary approach to ensure the strength and power of its position in the market. 

Today, the company has import and export relations with many countries including the United States, Australia, China, Turkey, the Netherlands, England, Cyprus, and Uzbekistan. 

TalGuy Group carefully selects innovative products and services that are suitable for the Israeli market, add value, and improve the quality of life of our customers. The internal synergy ensures that expertise from one branch will improve the activities in another branch and create a network that will support the overall operations of the company.

Driving Growth Expansions

Professional Teams

We maintain a professional team for the construction industry that includes engineers who manage projects and supervise construction with great precision to guarantee our customer’s compliance with deadlines and maintain the project budget. 

The brand representation arm of the company contains teams that work in various fields with great pride and with a true and sincere belief in the company’s products to strengthen the brands in the Israeli market. 

In the company’s product development department, we strive to provide detailed product specifications and accurate 3D CAD modeling so that we can continue to see innovative products come to life.

We chose to keep the company’s center and the offices in the north of Israel, for us that is home, the pastoral and quiet area where we believe that the company’s employees will be able to enjoy a high quality of life. 

The company’s location in the north of the country allows us to keep costs low and, of course, the company operates throughout Israel with the help of field agents and service technicians that can reach each customer.

Welcome to TalGuy Group – your partner for success in every field!

Northern Power House

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