Real Estate

TalGuy Group operates in the construction industry with a commitment to precision, innovation and comprehensive project management.

With the base of knowledge and expertise generated with the founders of the company, engineer Tal Avigdori and engineer Guy Rodoy, and further on with all of our engineering team, we bring vast knowledge and experience to bring every project to the finish line quickly and with uncompromising quality.

Project Management

In the field of commercial construction, we excel not only in building buildings, but in managing the project experience for all parties involved throughout the project’s life span. Our dedicated and professional teams navigate the complex landscape of project management with attention to the smallest details. From initial concept to delivery, we are here to ensure that each project maintains a high level of quality while staying on budget.

Construction Supervision

We provide comprehensive supervision services beyond the physical aspects of the project. Our approach ensures that the construction process will meet the strict standards, but also that the goals and vision of the project will be realized. The on-site supervision by our skilled teams maintains a pleasant and orderly environment that enables a safe and efficient workspace throughout the life of the project.

Strategic Invesments

With a deep understanding of the industry, we invest strategically in projects that match our vision and values. Our investment portfolio in the field of construction reflects not only our trust in the projects we carry out, but also our commitment to contribute to the growth and development of the built environment.

Engineering Services

Navigating complex engineering challenges is our specialty. We offer unique engineering services adapted to deal with the complexity of the most demanding projects. Whether it’s designing buildings with innovative solutions, or applying advanced engineering techniques and technologies, our team is ready to overcome challenges and deliver unrivaled results.

A Few of Our Projects

The Cliff Hotel

Boutique Hotel in Carmiel – more than 10,500 sqm, with open commercial areas. 33 Suites, and 11 units of 6 rooms Villas with a private pool. 

Entreprenuer – Hadif Group
Architect – Oren Architects 

The Pilon Hotel

Hotel in Pilon Junction – more than 8,800 sqm, with over 100 units that hold a private pool for each. Restaurants, Health Clubs, Lounge, Conference rooms and more. 

Entreprenuer – Hadif Group
Architect – Feigin Architects 

Regba Hotel and Mall

Hotel and Commercial space – more than 33,000 sqm, with a mall, office floors, and a hotel with over 70 rooms on top. Massive underground parking lot, events venue, restaurants, and shops.

Entrepreneur – Hadif Group and Yahad Shester Group
Architect – Oren Architects 

Zaroubi Food Factory

Advanced food factory with automated production lines. Unique building techniques to support the special machinery and compliance with health department regulations. 

Entreprenuer – Zaroubi

AYR Logistics Center

Compact Automatic Logistics Center – more than 2,000 sqm, with an automated advanced storage system, offices, forklift access, and truck decks.

Entreprenuer – AYR  Afikey Yeda 

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